[10] First Year Undergraduate Informal Learning as School Lab Demonstrators


First Year Undergraduate Informal Learning as School Lab Demonstrators

Author (s)

Simon Bott Professor
College of Science
Jennifer Stanford, Joel Loveridge, Toria Mort and Benjamin Harris


Formation of the new Chemistry Department necessitated construction of a state-of-the-art teaching laboratory. When not being used for university student experiments (i. e., out of term and Wednesday afternoon in term) we have invited local schools (within a drive of an hour ) to bring their pupils to do experiments that they cannot do easily (or at all) in their own facility. At the time of abstract submission, over 200 students have been afforded this opportunity and we have over 500 more scheduled for June and July.

By necessity, we have used our first year undergraduates to help with this project by serving a demonstrators. At the time of writing, 25 of our students have contributed over 300 hours to this and two other similar outreach projects. We will discuss the benefits of this informal learning for both the university students and school pupils.

Session Outline

This will be a standard presentation that illustrates the exposure of the youngest university of students to outreach activities and the benefits thereby accrued. It is not an activity exclusive to chemistry.

Key Words

outreach, school laboratories, undergraduates

Key Messages

All levels of students can contribute to outreach and benefit from it.



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