[21] Creating a platform and opportunities for Pan-European Internships


Creating a platform and opportunities for Pan-European Internships

Author (s)

Patricia Emma Helena Rodriguez-Martinez Senior Lecturer – Director of Interpreting Studies – PG Employability Champion
College of Arts and Humanities



This session aims to inspire colleagues to embed Internships into their MA curricula and by the end of the session, I hope they leave with the aspiration to do so in the near future. I will share my experience of how I have successfully found and managed Internships for MA students in the UK and abroad. The session will provide ideas of who to approach, how, where etc. with specific strategies, institutions, companies individual contacts that have proven successful. Clear steps to follow will be provided so that colleagues find the confidence that they need to aspire to find placements for their students. Examples of successful Internships and job opportunities will also be shared, as well as how to monitor and assess the Academic Reports following the completion of the Internships. Embedding employability is on our University’s agenda and this session will help colleagues to innovate and develop their modules whilst engaging the interest of their students and inspiring them to come to Swansea, hopefully leading to further recruitment.

Session Outline

Interactive PPP setting out steps to follow and strategies to adopt to finding Internships for MA students, followed by a two-minute video of a recent graduate talking about her Internship and current job, concluding with a Q & A session.

Key Words

Internships, strategies, assessment , employability

Key Messages

Set-by-step process of how to find, embed and assess Internships in their MA modules



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