[32] It’s flipping worth it to bridge the divide!


It’s flipping worth it to bridge the divide!

Author (s)

Julia Parkhouse Lecturer
College of Human and Health Sciences
Angela Smith, Healthcare Law and Ethics Lecturer


No doubt you have heard of the “flipped classroom” a model of teaching which, conceptually, takes on many forms including active learning, team-based learning, problem-based learning and so on. As inter-professional healthcare law lecturers, we needed to review our teaching strategy when delivering sessions on the sometimes dry subject matter of healthcare legislation. This was to eliminate any divide between theory and practice and this model, although more time consuming in the preparatory stages, appeared fit for our purpose. This is because healthcare practitioners need to understand the law and its underlying principles and concepts in order to apply it in their respective practice. Some sessions were traditionally being delivered in a didactic manner and therefore engagement, learning and impact was difficult to assess and simply put, it was not doing it for the students. Upon review, specific legislative sessions were identified as being suitable for this particular pedagogy and therefore the relevant changes were made. With the new focus on active and team based learning, student engagement, motivation and learning was maximised. Feedback from students revealed learning needs were met and the sessions would have an impact upon their practice. This was as a result of students undertaking their own research; through the promotion of reflective and critical thinking, meaningful discussions and in class presentations. This joined the pieces of the jigsaw together and linked theory with practice. This pedagogy was ultimately worth its additional administrative and educational demand.

Session Outline

Lightning talk: The session will provide a brief overview of how flipping the classroom captured the interest of undergraduate students on professional courses. Engagement and motivation was enhanced through this educational concept facilitating learning that could be applied in practice with the added bonus of developing transferable research skills. The short PowerPoint presentation will be of interest to delegates as it will evidence the ease with which some sessions can be flipped to maximise student engagement and learning and bridge the divide between theory and practice.

Key Words

Engagement, Motivation, Learning ,Transferable, Impact

Key Messages

An overview of the flipped classroom pedagogy.



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