[33] Lament to the lecture theatre



Lament to the lecture theatre

Author (s)

Rebecca Pratchett Senior Lecturer
College of Human and Health Sciences


It is with profound sorrow that we must announce the passing of the large lecture theatre. A prominent feature in our educational establishments for centuries, its loss will be felt by all who have been privileged to sit within them.


In a lightning talk, we will discuss the impact of innovations, such as active blended learning, on our physical spaces. We will look at the changing climate of education and explore how the needs of today’s students differ with those of the past. These themes will combine to help us understand the shift we are seeing and to help us move on as we lose that old, familiar friend: the lecture theatre.

Session Outline

The session will be a five minute lightning talk covering the technological changes that are shaping our learning spaces. Participants will also be linked to a feedback portal through which they may share their thoughts on the topic.

Key Words

Online, blended, lecture, active, groupwork.

Key Messages

By the end of the lightning talk, participants will be aware of how technological innovation is driving the need for change in the education sector. Participants will understand why active learning spaces are preferred by modern students and why the lecture theatre may not always be a suitable setting for teaching in higher education.



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