[4] Chemistry Use of the Sticky Classroom


Chemistry Use of the Sticky Classroom

Author (s)

Simon Bott Professor
College of Science
Andrew McKinley


The “sticky” classroom that was on campus in April was a very nicely appointed active classroom. We used 3 sessions with our first year student class to explore different types of activity. These team-based activities included Kahoot quiz, a google form “scavenger hunt,” open ended questions which required extensive internet searching, and developing a presentation based on a designated theme. We will describe the activities (without using too many chemical terms!) and the student responses to these.

Session Outline

This will be a presentation with extensive audience participation and interaction. We will illustrate the activities described in the abstract using the audience.

Key Words

active learning, sticky campus, team learning

Key Messages

Active learning is fun and an excellent pedagogical tool but it needs to be planned properly and benefits extensively from the correct facility.



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