[41] Hololec – Augmented and Mixed Reality Teaching


Hololec – Augmented and Mixed Reality Teaching

Author (s)

Tom Owen Lecturer
College of Science
Sean Walton


The Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained holographic computer. It projects three dimensional virtual objects and displays onto the world around you, seamlessly blending physical spaces and digital content. Over the past year, staff and students in the Computer Science department have been collaborating with different disciples to develop prototype-teaching tools.

The aims of this session are to:

  1. Give the participants an overview of the technology and hands on experience using it
  2. Show three examples of teaching tools developed for the hardware platform
  3. Explore new ideas for novel applications of the technology in teaching situations

In order that all participants are able to use a headset we will need to limit the session to 10 people.


Session Outline

HoloLens devices allow users the freedom to move untethered through the world, while seeing and experiencing both their physical surroundings and digital content. It can support shared experiences where all participants with a Holense headset can see the same virtual objects in the same physical environment. These features have the potential to make it an ideal assest to be used in a teaching scenario.

The key objective of the session is to generate ideas for using the technology in teaching throughout the university. By investigating the technology now we hope to be able to hit the ground running when the technology becomes affordable enough to use it large scale. We hope that the session will lead to continued engagement between the participants and the HoloLec project.

The session will be split into the following activities:

  1. A brief explanation of the technology and how augmented and mixed reality applications are developed. Participants will be introduced to the device through hands on demonstrations. We will showcase the strengths and, perhaps more importantly, limitations of the device.
  2. Participants will experience three existing HoloLens applications designed for teaching.
  3. To end the workshop we will have a 15-minute brainstorming session to generate ideas for how we could use the HoloLens to enhance our teaching. This will first be done in groups of mixed subject background, each with one computer scientist who understands the limitations of the technology.
  4. A group feedback session, where prominent themes that emerged from the spate discussions will be reported back and briefly discussed amongst the whole group of attendees.

Key Words

Hololens,Technology, Augmented-Reality, Mixed-Reality

Key Messages

The College of Science is investing in cutting-edge technologies that enhance teaching in the coming years.

We are looking for involvement across university to shape how these technologies could be used in teaching practice.

The next year academic year will see several further prototype systems created and evaluated, we want to hear your ideas



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