[47] Where’s the evidence? The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning



Where’s the evidence? The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Author (s)

Samantha Oakley Research Librarian (ISS)
Philippa Price


Decisions to change teaching practice – to innovate, develop, engage and aspire – should ideally be evidence-based, using research produced with the same rigour as found in other areas of academic research. For many, this means exploring the literature of a new, and potentially very different, subject area to their own field of expertise.

The aim of the session is to encourage exploration of (and contribution to) the scholarly literature of teaching and learning. Researching this area is an intrinsic part of qualifications such as the PG Cert and HEA Fellowship, but can enrich all teaching practice and innovation. This session will address three key questions:

  1. What evidence would be convincing enough to persuade you to change your teaching practice?
  2. Where do you find this kind of evidence?
  3. How confident do you feel in producing this kind of evidence?

As we explore these questions, we will discuss ways to increase confidence in publishing pedagogic research. We will also use the outcomes of this session to improve support for staff who want to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

This session will be facilitated by Sam Oakley and Philippa Price from ISS.

Session Outline

This session will be audience-led:

  • We will use audience response software to explore Question 1: this will create a set of responses reflecting attitudes to pedagogic research.
  • The results of this will drive consideration of Question 2: where do you find the most robust evidence? This will be part presentation, but with contributions from participants included.
  • We will then split into small group discussions on the challenges and opportunities for publishing pedagogic research: both on a personal and institutional (the REF?) level. We will have set questions to consider so we can collate responses at the end.

Key Words

Pedagogic research, scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL), literature searching, critical appraisal,evidence-based research

Key Messages

All participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and opinions so we can learn from each other and create a shared response to the questions posed.

  • Participants will have greater confidence to explore pedagogic research.
  • Participants will be encouraged to publish pedagogic research and know how to access support with this.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to network and discuss the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Participants will experience an interactive teaching session using interactive presentation software.



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