[49] Blended Learning Stories


Blended Learning Stories

Author (s)

Melanie Hainke Senior Learning Technologist
Eve Moriarty, Sean Cahill, Paul Holland, Marc Holmes


How can you develop and implement Blended Learning into a module?

The Blended Learning Pilot initiated by Paul Holland, Dean of Educational Technology, seeks to provide training and support for university staff to develop and implement Blended Learning into a module. After the successful introduction of their innovation in making E-Lectures across several Engineering modules, the concept developed into the sharing of these experiences with staff. Working in collaboration with members of the SALT team, a Blackboard module was created as an example of the development experiences of Paul Holland and Rhian Kerton.

The pilot project aimed to recruit volunteers, via College and School Academic Champions that were willing to complete training and develop their existing module utilising a Blended Learning approach. Since summer 2017, approximately 70 staff have had access to Blackboard training and face-to-face opportunities to develop their skills using Camtasia video editing software, the Wacom creative pen tablet and external microphones, to enable the creation of video lectures.

“Blended Learning Stories” will include examples from module and programme implementation with input from staff across the university. From the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and lecture capture in Engineering modules to the introduction of podcasts and e-textbooks in Law modules, staff will share excerpts of their “stories”.

Our intention is for the poster to raise awareness of the innovations currently happening throughout the university, develop an interest and enthusiasm in adopting Blended Learning approaches, promote engagement and discussion in the application of Blended Learning and provide a spark for setting aspirations in their own journeys in exploring its potential application.

The poster will provide links to additional resources and contacts to enable staff to take their first steps in creating content and developing an effective blend for their module. This can contribute to continuing professional development and the UK Professional Standards Framework A1, A2, A5, K2 and K4.

Session Outline

A poster presentation illustrating the progress on the Blended Learning Pilot, headed by Paul Holland, Dean of Educational Technology. The poster will provide statistics and specific module examples from pilot volunteers across the Colleges and Schools. The poster will provide links to further information and how to get involved in Blended Learning approaches.

Key Words

Blended Learning, VR, AR, Development, Implementation

Key Messages

Raise awareness of the development and implementation of Blended Learning across Colleges and Schools in the University.

Delegates know where to go for further information if they wish to explore this concept.

Share examples of practice in the development and implementation of Blended Learning modules.



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