[7] Enabling Active Learning Approaches: Using the Sticky Campus Roadshow Active Learning Space for Problem Based Labs



Enabling Active Learning Approaches: Using the Sticky Campus Roadshow Active Learning Space for Problem Based Labs

Author (s)

Paul Holland Dean of Educational Technology
College of Engineering
David Moody, Gareth Evans


Biomedical Instrumentation is a L5 laboratory module for medical engineering students, delivered for the first time in the academic year, 2016-2017. The module was designed to bring together new approaches as identified at a HEA event – ‘STEM pedagogies: Best practice considerations’ at Southampton University in July 2016. Whilst successfully employing flipped learning and authentic assessment as part of a problem based approach there were still limitations to enabling more open-ended design to fully engage students and facilitate deeper learning opportunities. The visit of the Sticky Campus in April 2018 gave a unique opportunity to build in a deeper understanding of the subject matter through further design-based learning. Utilising the active learning space and exploiting the ‘built-in’ technology enabled larger collaborative group learning. The lecturer will present on how the active learning spaces allowed much more freedom in the overall learning design than the currently available learning spaces with some student feedback. Finally, the Electrical and Electrical Engineering technical team will present some ideas on how we might bring PBL into the mainstream teaching of Electrical and Electronics Engineering subjects.

Session Outline

This session will be presented in two parts. Paul Holland will first discuss how the labs are delivered and how a different learning space opened up new possibilities and what the students did in the Sticky Campus space. Then, David Moody and Gareth Evans from College of Engineering will discuss their current lab design and if it is possible to adapt it for more PBL

Key Words

Active Learning Spaces, Problem Based Learning,

Key Messages

We need a variety of learning spaces at Swansea University to facilitate deep learning and improved student engagement.



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