Professor Sally Bradley Advance HE

Keynote 9.30AM Great Hall, Room 043

We are delighted to welcome Professor Sally Bradley who will give her Keynote presentation entitled  ‘Continuing Professional Development: A journey, not a destination’.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a term which has many connotations.  Is CPD something which is planned for you? Or is it something which you have carved out in preparation for the future? Are you looking forwards or looking backwards?

Have you developed your skills and knowledge to stay up-to-date with the changes in the sector?

Barnett (2004) talked about [students] learning for an unknown future but do we also have to consider our own preparedness for change. We will look at CPD in its many forms, formal and informal, and the CPD which can be found in places you least expect.  We will also consider how you use your CPD to inform your practice and the practice of others including students. Professor Bradley will use the metaphor of a journey to explore with you the routes we can take to CPD. Sometimes it may be a motorway or at other times a B road but both should be moving us forward.  We work with students on their employability skills but we too have to plan for the future. CPD should innovate your practice and develop you, your students and your colleagues.  Engagement in CPD should help you to aspire,  and maybe inspire others


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Professor Martin Stringer

Keynote 3.30 PM  Great Hall, Room 043

Professor Martin Stringer will present our Teaching Awards and also close our conference with his keynote presentation entitled ‘Meeting Student Expectations’.

Following the closing keynote SALT would like to invite you to join us in the School of Management Atrium for coffee and cakes at 4.30pm


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